Elevate Your Tesla Model 3: Must-Have Accessories

Owning a Tesla Model 3 is not just about driving a cutting-edge electric vehicle; it's about making a statement in style, performance, and sustainability. To take your Model 3 experience to the next level, consider enhancing it with a selection of carefully curated accessories. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential accessories available for your Tesla Model 3, categorized for easy reference.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are a fundamental accessory that not only keeps your Model 3's interior clean but also adds a touch of elegance. They come in various styles and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your preferences. Whether it's all-weather rubber mats to tackle harsh conditions or plush carpeted mats for a luxurious feel, they offer excellent protection for your car's floors.


Floor Mat


Wheel Covers

Wheel covers go beyond aesthetics; they offer both style and substance for your Model 3. These accessories fit seamlessly over your standard wheels, reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing overall efficiency. In addition to the performance benefits, they lend your Tesla Model 3 a futuristic and unique appearance.


Wheel Cover


Interior Accessories

Your Model 3's interior deserves special attention, and beyond floor mats, you can explore various accessories designed to enhance your driving experience. Consider the steering wheel tray table, a versatile addition that provides a convenient workspace for eating, working, or simply enjoying a meal on the road. Interior accessories like these add a level of convenience and personalization to your daily drives.


Steering wheel tray table


Exterior Accessories

The "All-Weather Protection Car Cover" for your Model 3 is a must-have accessory, designed to shield your vehicle from the harshest elements year-round. This specialized car cover offers exceptional protection against rain, snow, harmful UV rays, and more, ensuring your Model 3 remains pristine and well-preserved. But the All-Weather Car Cover is just one of the many exterior accessories available to enhance and protect your Model 3. From stylish roof racks and carbon fibre splitter to Front Hood Weather Strip and aerodynamic upgrades, you have a wide range of options to customize your Model 3's appearance and functionality, making it uniquely yours. Explore these accessories to elevate your Model 3's aesthetics and performance while keeping it protected from all weather conditions.


Car Cover


Carbon Fibre Collection

For those Tesla Model 3 owners who demand the perfect blend of style and performance, the Carbon Fibre Collection is an absolute must-consider. This exclusive collection comprises a range of accessories crafted from lightweight and exceptionally durable carbon fiber, a material known for its strength and elegant appearance.

Mirror Covers: Elevate the look of your Model 3's side mirrors with carbon fiber mirror covers. These covers not only add a sleek and stylish appearance but also contribute to weight reduction, which can lead to improved efficiency and handling.

Performance Rear Spoiler: If you're looking to enhance your Model 3's aerodynamics while making a statement, the Performance Rear Spoiler is the way to go. This subtle yet impactful addition helps improve the car's stability at higher speeds while giving it a sportier and more aggressive stance.

Grille cover: Want to make your Model 3's front end truly eye-catching? Consider the carbon fiber grille cover. It blends seamlessly with the car's design, adding a premium and attention-grabbing look to the grille area.

The Carbon Fibre Collection is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Not only do these accessories elevate the appearance of your Model 3, but they also contribute to weight reduction, which can lead to improved efficiency and performance. Whether you're aiming to make a visual statement or optimize your car's aerodynamics, the Carbon Fibre Collection offers a compelling combination of style and substance for your Tesla Model 3.


Mirror Cover


Storage & Organization Accessories

Keeping your Model 3 organized and clutter-free is made easier with accessories like the Boot Storage Box. This handy addition ensures that your essentials are neatly organized and secured during your journeys, adding to your car's overall practicality.


Boot Storage Box


"Have Fun" Accessories

For those moments when you want to add some excitement to your drives, consider the Karaoke USB Disco Ball Light. This accessory transforms your Model 3 into a mobile party with colorful lights and music. It's perfect for creating a lively atmosphere during road trips or simply having fun with friends and family.


Karaoke USB Disco Ball Light



For comprehensive protection and convenience, consider the Protection Grilles + Front Hood Weather Strip bundle. These accessories work in harmony to safeguard your Model 3. The protection grilles protect your car's exterior, while the front hood weather strip prevents water intrusion, keeping your frunk dry. Bundles like this offer a complete solution to enhance your vehicle's performance and longevity.


Protection Grilles


In conclusion, enhancing your Tesla Model 3 with the right accessories allows you to unlock its full potential and make it uniquely yours. Whether you prioritize interior comfort, exterior aesthetics, organization, or simply having fun on the road, there's an accessory that suits your needs. Explore the options available and take your Model 3 to the next level, enhancing both its form and function.

Remember to ensure compatibility with your Model 3's specific year and configuration when selecting these accessories. Safety should always be a priority, so consult with experts and follow installation instructions carefully for a safe and satisfying upgrade.

These accessories not only enhance your car's performance and appearance but also contribute to the overall enjoyment of your Tesla driving experience. Make your Model 3 stand out and enjoy the journey like never before, all while maintaining the elegance and innovation that come with being a Tesla owner.