About Us

Who we are

None of the Autofun team were having the impression that the man who drove the most powerful SUV Bentley would become an avid Tesla fun from the moment he gets his Model Y back, and you would never imagine how eager the man is to customize, decorate, protect, and maintain his new boy and how soon he realises the fewer options, the difficulties to get something good in New Zealand Market.

As a professional internet entrepreneur, an importer, a product manager, a crazy Tesla owner and lover, of course, he manged to get his Model Y modified in the best way he wanted and became an expert during the process.

Then a friend come over to him requesting for those accessories, then another and another, eventually, he decided to fill this gad and allow every Tesla owner in New Zealand to express their style and make each Tesla unique. This is how Autofun started.

What we do

Focusing on growing into the ultimate, the most professional aftermarket Tesla accessories supplier in New Zealand, Autofun brings a group of high quality, wide range of aftermarket Tesla accessories together to allow each Tesla owner to find anything they need to create their Tesla lifestyle easily, locally and quickly.




Why us

100% NZ owned & Operated, shop with confidence

Ships locally from our Auckland warehouse

Fast delivery 2-5 working days

Local aftersales support and warranties

Result driven company that get things done