Embrace the Great Outdoors with Tesla: Your Ultimate Camping Companion

Are you a Tesla owner with a penchant for adventure? Look no further than AutoFun, your one-stop online shop for the finest Tesla camping accessories. Our mission is simple: to elevate your outdoor escapades from mere trips to memorable journeys. With AutoFun, prepare to indulge in the wild while ensconced in the luxury of Tesla.

Tailored Camping Essentials for Your Tesla Every Tesla is a marvel of engineering, and our camping essentials are designed to match its sophistication. Our curated Camping category boasts everything from rooftop tents to innovative portable power stations. With accessories specifically tailored for Tesla vehicles, rest assured that compatibility and convenience are at the forefront.

The Pinnacle of Comfort: Rooftop Tents Imagine sleeping under the stars, elevated above the ground in a Glass Roof Sunshade-equipped rooftop tent. These tents not only offer unparalleled views of the night sky but also ensure privacy and comfort. They're a breeze to set up and dismantle, making them perfect for both seasoned campers and novices.


Glass Roof Sunshade


Light Up Your Adventure with Camping Gear Our Karaoke USB Disco Ball Light turns your campsite into a lively, colorful oasis. This isn’t just about utility; it's about creating an ambiance that complements the spirit of Tesla — innovative and fun. Charge it up using our 3 in 1 Charging Cable, and you're good to go for a night of entertainment under the canopy of stars.


Karaoke USB Disco Ball Light


Power Up with Portable Power Stations Never run out of juice with our portable power stations. These compact yet powerful gadgets ensure your devices stay charged, your lights stay bright, and your Tesla is always ready for the next leg of your journey. They're the silent workhorses that make off-grid camping not just possible but also enjoyable.


3 in 1 Charging Cable


Outdoor Cooking, Tesla Style What’s camping without some delicious meals? Our Steering Wheel Desk and Steering Wheel Tray Table transform your Tesla into a mobile dining room. These nifty accessories provide a stable platform for your outdoor cooking equipment, allowing you to whip up gourmet meals in the great outdoors.


Steering Wheel DeskSteering Wheel Tray Table


Seamless Integration with Your Tesla Our accessories are designed for seamless integration with your Tesla. They embody durability and functionality, ensuring your focus remains on enjoying your adventure, not on managing your gear. It's about convenience without compromise, aligning with the Tesla ethos of efficiency and innovation.

A Trusted Retailer for Tesla Aftermarket Accessories AutoFun isn't just another retailer; we are a trusted specialist in Tesla aftermarket accessories. Our selection process is rigorous, ensuring that only the best products make it to your shopping cart. We understand the Tesla lifestyle, and our accessories reflect that understanding.

Embark on Your Next Adventure with Confidence Whether you're setting out for a weekend escape or a cross-country odyssey, AutoFun equips you with the confidence to embrace nature head-on. With our accessories, your Tesla transitions from a vehicle to a versatile adventure partner.


Camping Car Mattress


Discover Innovative Solutions for Tesla Camping We invite you to explore our Camping category and discover accessories that will make your Tesla camping experience truly unique. These are more than products; they are innovative solutions to enhance your journey.

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