Characterized by an innovative fusion of cutting-edge technology, sustainable materials, and sleek design, Tesla accessories elevate your Model Y and Model 3 experience to a whole new level. From premium interior upgrades to high-performance enhancements, our collection brings a sense of sophistication and functionality to your Tesla ownership.

With such a wide array of options to enhance your Tesla's performance and aesthetics, it's natural to have questions about where to begin. But fret not, we're here to guide you. Continue reading for a curated selection of Tesla accessories that will take your driving experience to the next level, including the versatile Tray Table, which seamlessly integrates into your Tesla's interior, adding convenience and style to your journeys.


Tray Table



Just like in the world of interior design, mixing and matching can make your Tesla's interior truly unique. The Tray Table is the perfect accessory to express your style.

Versatility Meets Convenience

The Tray Table isn't just a table; it's an extension of your personal style. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a touch of elegance, our Tray Table offers versatility that complements any interior.

The sleek design of the Tray Table makes it a canvas for your creativity. Its clean lines and neutral color palette provide the perfect backdrop for your personal touches. You can customize it with decorative items, such as a small potted plant or a stylish candle holder, to match your interior theme.

Premium Craftsmanship

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our Tray Table is designed to be more than just functional. It's a statement piece that adds a touch of sophistication to your Tesla.

The Tray Table's construction combines durability and aesthetics. Its sturdy frame ensures stability while the smooth surface exudes elegance. Crafted from premium materials, it can withstand the demands of everyday use, maintaining its beauty over time.

Easy Installation

Don't worry about complicated installations. The Tray Table can be easily attached without professional help, allowing you to personalize your Tesla effortlessly.

Installing the Tray Table is a straightforward process. Our step-by-step instructions guide you through it, ensuring a hassle-free experience. You'll have it securely in place within minutes, ready to enhance your Tesla's interior.


Tray Table



Long drives should be comfortable, and the Tray Table helps you achieve just that.

Increased Comfort on Long Drives

Picture yourself on a cross-country road trip, with your Tray Table offering a convenient space for snacks, drinks, or even a cozy meal. No more awkward balancing acts while trying to enjoy your favorite treats.

The Tray Table's spacious surface provides ample room for your essentials. Whether you're sipping your favorite beverage or indulging in a quick snack, it's right there at your fingertips. This convenience enhances your overall driving experience, making long journeys more enjoyable.

Minimize Distractions

Safety is a priority, and the Tray Table keeps everything within arm's reach. Reduce distractions while driving, ensuring a safer journey for you and your loved ones.

With the Tray Table, you can keep your focus on the road. No need to fumble around for your snacks or drinks – they're securely placed on the Tray Table. This minimizes distractions, allowing you to stay attentive and drive with confidence.


Tray Table



If you're not ready for a complete overhaul of your Tesla's interior, the Tray Table is the perfect place to start.

Perfect for Remote Work

In today's fast-paced world, being productive on the go is essential. The Tray Table transforms your Tesla into a mobile office, allowing you to work comfortably wherever you are.

The Tray Table's adaptability extends to your work life. Suppose you need to respond to emails, attend virtual meetings, or complete tasks while on the road. In that case, the Tray Table provides a stable surface for your laptop or tablet. Its adjustable height and angle allow you to find the perfect working position, ensuring productivity even during your travels.

Environmentally Friendly

As environmentally conscious Tesla enthusiasts, we appreciate sustainability. Our Tray Table is made from eco-friendly materials, aligning perfectly with Tesla's mission to reduce environmental impact.

The Tray Table's eco-conscious design reflects our commitment to a greener future. We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, and that's why our Tray Table is constructed using sustainable materials. By choosing our Tray Table, you're not only enhancing your Tesla but also contributing to a cleaner environment.


Tray Table



A modern bohemian home is meant to reflect your personality and tell your story, and your Tesla should do the same.

Personalized Display

Use your Tray Table to display items that resonate with you – from travel mementos to your favorite gadgets. It's a canvas to showcase your personality.

The Tray Table isn't just functional; it's a means of self-expression. By adorning it with items that hold sentimental value, you infuse your Tesla with a unique personality. It becomes a reflection of your interests, experiences, and passions.

The Freedom to Be You

In the world of Tesla accessories, there are no strict rules. Let your Tray Table be a canvas of self-expression, making your Tesla as unique as you are.

Embrace the freedom to customize your Tesla's interior according to your tastes. The Tray Table is a versatile accessory that welcomes your creativity. Whether you prefer a minimalist or eclectic look, the Tray Table adapts to your style effortlessly.


Tray Table


Conclusion: Elevate Your Tesla Experience with Tray Table

In conclusion, the Tray Table is the ideal addition to your Tesla Model Y or Model 3, offering versatility, premium craftsmanship, and eco-friendliness. It enhances your driving experience by providing a convenient, stylish, and customizable solution. With the Tray Table from AutoFun, you can drive in style, comfort, and confidence, making every journey a unique and enjoyable one.

Don't wait any longer to transform your Tesla's interior. Choose the Tray Table today and make your Tesla truly yours.